Security Policy

Last Updated:
Teens, Adults



Revised May 2019


The Library reserves the right to search bags and personal items.


Personal Items

Patrons are responsible for safeguarding their personal items.  The Library assumes no responsibility for personal items carried into the library or left unattended.  Any unattended personal items will be considered abandoned, then collected and placed in “lost and found” or authorities called as necessary.


Security Gates

The Library utilizes security gates to identify when items are taken out without being checked out.  Occasionally non-library items, items from other libraries, or items not properly deactivated will set off the gate.  In these cases the library staff will determine the cause and make every attempt to rectify the situation.


Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras are used at all library facilities. The Library does not employ the use of hidden surveillance equipment and does not record activity in areas of the Library where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Signs are posted at the entrance to the Library’s facilities to alert patrons and staff of the use of video surveillance equipment.

Cameras are used to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against the library.  The Library’s use of this equipment is not intended to give any false impression of security nor are they continuously monitored.  Images are stored onto a hard drive and kept for up to 30 days, depending on the level of activity.


Access to video surveillance

These images are part of the library’s open records. To request access to or a copy of activities:

  • Request must be made in writing to the library director;
  • It must include the day and time requested (no more than a two hour window will be accepted);
  • The Library is unable to grant requests to review days and/or weeks of stored images.


Neither the Library nor its staff will use video surveillance equipment or recordings for personal gain, in a discriminatory fashion, as a form of retaliation, or in violation of any applicable laws/statutes regarding the use of such equipment. Inappropriate use or access to video surveillance recordings (whether live or as a recorded event) by the Library’s staff will be treated with absolutely no tolerance and may be the sole reason for termination of employment.

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