KPLA Exemplary Status

Exemplary Library

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Since 2012 Boyd County Public Library has held Exemplary status of the Kentucky Public Library Standards, the highest status available! The library has achieved that level by providing great staff, inviting buildings, and lots of ways of getting materials and information.

Kentucky Public Library Standards provide a guide to excellence, and help define the public library services that should be available to all Kentuckians.  The Kentucky Public Library Standards were developed by members of the Kentucky Public Library Association’s (KPLA) Standards Committee.  The Standards are revised every few years, and rate a library’s level of service in seven areas:

  1. Governance and Administration
  2. Human Resources
  3. Collections
  4. Services
  5. Facilities
  6. Technology
  7. Marketing and Public Relations

By meeting different aspects of each are a library can obtain one of three levels of standards: Essential, Enhanced, or Exemplary.