Comments and Suggestions Policy

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Comments and Suggestions

Revised May 2019

The Library values the input of its patrons regarding its services, staff, and facilities.  Each branch maintains an appropriate receptacle to collect suggestions and comments from patrons. Through its website and social media presence, the Library also gathers input from library users.

Review of suggestions

Public Service staff will check suggestion boxes weekly. Online comments will be regularly monitored by the public relations staff. Suggestions may be forwarded to the appropriate department or Library Director.


When possible and as appropriate, the Library will respond to the suggestions of patrons. Generally, the Library’s department managers and public relations staff respond to suggestions that are received. Other suggestions may be sent to the Director for a response.

Suggestions and questions for the Library Board of Trustees

Suggestions or questions may be emailed to the Library Director ( or sent through postal mail to the Library Board (Boyd County Public Library 1740 Central Ave, Ashland, KY 41101).

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