Teen Areas Policy

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Teens, Adults

Teen Areas

Created June 2019

Main and Kyova branches have areas that are designated specifically for use by teens, ages 13 through High School.  These areas have collections and formats, seating, and gaming equipment of specific interest to Teens. 

The library recognizes that adults and children may need to have access to these materials and areas as well.  At the same time, Teens need to feel welcome and safe while using the space.  With that in mind, the seating areas and gaming systems in the Teen spaces have restricted adult use.  Adults may access the collections at any time the library is open.  However, the seating areas and gaming systems are only available to adults during the following times:

  • school days and school hours, Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm
  • non-school days, such as weekends, summers, and holidays, 9 am to 1 pm

Adults are defined as anyone out of high school or over the age of 17.  Misuse of the Library’s Teen areas by adult will result in loss of access.

The Library reserves the right to remove anyone from the Teen Area who is not a teen or who is disruptive.

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