Notices, Distributed Material, Petitions, and Political Literature Policy

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Notices, Distributed Material, Petitions, and Political Literature

Created May 2019

Notices and Community Bulletin Board

The Library provides bulletin board and wall space for the display of posters, notices, and flyers that are of community interest. The Library reserves the right to limit the length of time materials will be displayed. The Library’s staff will dispose of the displayed materials after an appropriate time (normally thirty days) unless other arrangements have been made. All posters, notices, and flyers must have prior approval from the Library Director (or designee). The Library assumes no responsibility for the content of posted materials.


Distributed Material

Brochures, leaflets, newsletters and like materials produced by other organizations may be distributed from the Library, space permitting. Such material will be of interest to the general public and appropriate for library patrons. All distributed material should be offered free of charge.

The Library’s staff will not actively solicit or distribute any materials for any outside organization without special approval from the Director. The Library will not store extra copies nor archival issues of distributed material.

Distributed material will be discarded if space becomes limited, the needs of the Library change, or the material becomes dated. Most materials will be discarded after an appropriate time (usually thirty days) unless other arrangements are made.

All distributed material must have prior approval from the Library Director or his/her designee.


Petitions for the Library

The Library may occasionally solicit signatures for petitions where the best interests of the Library are concerned. Petitions and the solicitation of signatures for them will be approved by the Board of Trustees.


Petitions and Literature for Outside Organizations

While the Library maintains its position in the community as a neutral political entity, the Library also recognizes its position as a community resource and a community meeting point. As such, the Library may retain, with the approval of the Library Director, petitions for other individuals, organizations or interests.

The Library is under no obligation to retain any petition or information and may refuse to do so at any time. When the Library chooses to retain petitions or information for an outside entity, the following conditions apply:

  • The Library will not advertise the information, seek public comment, or solicit endorsement from its patrons;
  • The Library will hold materials at the Information Desk for a period of thirty days unless other arrangements are made;
  • The Library will not verify or endorse any signatures that are collected
  • The Library will not collect nor solicit donations, contributions, dues, or other payments for any outside organizations.
  • The name of the Library may only be used as a location for citizens to view materials or sign petitions.

It is the responsibility of the individual, organization or interest to collect its information. Any information not collected may be disposed of after the thirty day holding period has elapsed.


Political Literature

Except in cases where the Library solicits such information, political literature will not be displayed nor distributed. Political literature that is solicited will be requested and retained only for research or informational purposes. In such cases, the Library will seek to solicit only those materials which are non-partisan in nature or those which provide a fair and balanced approach to an issue.



Appeals to any decision of the Library Director concerning this policy should be made to the Board of Trustees in writing. The Board will provide a written decision within thirty days.

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