Deadly Weapons Policy

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Teens, Adults

Deadly Weapons

Revised May 2019

Boyd County Public Library strives to provide a safe, inviting environment for its patrons and staff members. The Library holds that carrying a deadly weapon on the Library’s property may not be conducive to fostering such an environment for all staff and patrons.

The Library acknowledges that many objects, even ones commonly found in the Library’s facilities, could become “deadly weapons”. For the purposes of this policy, however, a “deadly weapon” includes “firearms” and “handguns” as defined in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, along with any weapon that meets the requirements for a concealed carry permit regardless of whether the weapon is carried in a concealed manner.


Deadly weapons discouraged

KRS 65.870 allows the open or concealed carrying of deadly weapons in many public facilities. The Library will not restrict the protections and rights granted under this statute. While the Library requests that patrons and staff members refrain from carrying a deadly weapon onto the Library’s property, the Library will tolerate the possession of such weapons in accordance with the law.


Zero tolerance

The Library recognizes that the display of deadly weapons may create an uncomfortable environment for patrons or staff members. The Library’s staff members are instructed to contact the police immediately in any situation where the behavior of a person causes a substantial disturbance or threat, with the presence of a deadly weapon being of special significance. The brandishing of a deadly weapon, under any circumstances, will be considered just cause for contacting the police.


Juveniles and Firearms

KRS 527.100 specifically prohibits the carrying of a deadly weapon by a person under the age of eighteen. When a staff member suspects that anyone carrying a deadly weapon is under the age of eighteen, the police will be contacted immediately.

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