Midland Branch Update #4

All of a sudden there's lots to report...but that's how construction works.

Just in the last few weeks:

  • Walls are painted
  • Lights are going in
  • Storefront installed (that's the windows)
  • Stone is progressing
  • The berm is almost gone
  • Parking lot is being leveled
  • HVAC has been tested (that's the geothermal part)
  • Entry for Children's ordered--this is soooo cool!  (Pictures coming soon)

Coming in the new few weeks

  • Tile and carpet being delivered
  • Doors going in
  • Stonework finished

Opening date will most likely be in August!


Midland Branch Update Photo #2

Midland Branch

Midland Branch Update Photo #3

Midland Branch

Published by on April 22, 2021
Last Modified July 01, 2022