Midland Branch Update #2

Take the first look at the outside of Midland Branch.  Small print: finishes may end up being different from these photos because as of this writing we have not picked the actual finishes yet! 

To orient you a bit, the short (west) facing side faces US 60.

Front (north) elevation:  A long wall of north facing windows with timber beams separating the small upper windows from the high lower ones.  A large covered entry.

Side (west) elevation:  Low stone extends full width across this side and turn-up forming pillars at each end.  Windows peer into the Teen Room.

Rear (south) elevation: Stone pillars frame both corners of the building. The drive up return and checkout are along this side of the building.

Side (east) elevation: Garage door for homebound delivery, a door to the staff break room, and a look into the covered patio.  Rather than an iron fence, there will be acrylic panels enclosing the patio.  Similar to the north elevation, stone pillars have been added at the building corners.

Published by on September 14, 2020
Last Modified July 01, 2022