Midland Branch Update #1

Coming to Boyd County Summer 2021 will be the Midland Branch complete with cool new features, expanded space, and return of some conveniences.

First, the cool stuff: a drive-up service window to pick up and drop off materials, a 100-seat meeting room available after hours, a two sided indoor/outdoor fireplace, two study rooms, long wall of north-facing windows for natural lighting and a makerspace with audio and video recording equipment.

Second, the expansions: three times as much space for materials and people, a separate meeting room catering kitchen, and the opportunity to centralize staff space (which is technically a reduction because we are combining two locations into one).

Finally, some much-needed conveniences: lots of public restrooms, a dedicated nursing room, and a family restroom in the children’s area, a large parking lot that can accommodate nearly 100 cars with space for a school bus, and a small space dedicated small business needs.

And lots of seating, places to gather, and convenient charging stations.  All to make patrons visit easy, efficient, and comfortable.

Published by on September 14, 2020
Last Modified July 01, 2022